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Seek and Find: Art Through the Ages

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Explore the world of art history and find what's hidden on each page!

  • Learn how the Greeks worked with molten bronze, then track down one of their famous statues.

  • Search for a medieval illuminator at a cathedral construction site.

  • Visit Impressionists as they paint by the seaside and pop artists in trendy galleries.

  • Finally, seek out amazing art movements happening today!

  • Each page of this Seek and Find book is a window into the history of human creativity!

  • Every page is packed with things to discover, making the book fun to revisit again and again.

  • Colorful images bring facts and art history to life.

  • Things to find are presented visually on each spread, so kids not yet reading can search, too.

  • Great for parents and young children to share together, and for older kids to try on their own.

  • Ages 3 to 9.

  • Full color throughout.

  • Sturdy hardcover binding.

  • Seek and Find book measures 9-3/4'' wide x 12'' high.

  • 26 pages.