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Pomegranate Alpaca Striped Scarf

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Oh, the things you can do with a pomegranate! Martinis, margaritas, salads, sauces and pies - the pomegranate possibilities are endless. As for the Pomegranate alpaca scarf, you get to play with it in multiple ways too. Wrap it, drape it or twist it. Wear it over black or white - it's a buffet of style options. Relish in the goodness of alpaca too. Soft, warm and lightweight - it's a fabulous indulgence.

This scarf is crafted by a variety of artisan groups within the indigenous communities of the Andes Mountain Region of South America. This family owned brand is committed to supporting the social and economic advancement for the artisans and their families in these small communities through fair wages and direct incentives!

Material: 80% Alpaca 20% Acrylic Size: 11" x 78" Unisex