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Abstract Horn Pendant in Brown Natural

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Brown horn abstract shaped pendant on vegan leather long cord.  

This long brown pendant is super versatile and can be worn at any length.  Set with sliding horn beads on the end, enables you to shorten this pendant to the desired length. So depending on your outfit you can adjust this pendant to suit.  

Made entirely by hand to the highest quality, this brown pendant will look great with any outfit.  Fair trade produced so you can feel confident that this stunning long pendant has been ethically produced.  

The natural buffalo horn consists of unique beautiful patterns, so no two pendants are ever quite the same. 

This lovely pendant has been handmade by small workshops in rural Vietnam using traditional methods and supporting local communities with income through manufacturing and trade.  The buffalo horn is 100% a bi-product.


The size of pendant is 5.7cm long by 4.3cm wide (at the widest part)  The cord if 1m long in total.