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The Learner Ukulele - Tyde Music

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If you are an absolute beginner looking for that perfect ukulele to learn on, a ukulele lover looking to add to your collection, or a professional that is looking for a tool to help improve your skills; The Learner Ukulele is the instrument for you. The Learner Ukulele is more than just an excellent visual tool; we believe the sound is just as important. 

Handmade in Truckee, CA, these instruments are assembled in small quality-controlled batches; built with the same attention to detail as our custom instruments. Us luthiers here at TYDE hand select each piece of wood, sculpt every neck, and tap tune every brace to make sure you and your ukulele both reach musical excellence.

Our Learner Uke is made with solid koa and cherry. One-piece cherry neck and sides, this integration provides strength, volume, and tone.

This instrument features a laser engraved fretboard with all 7 natural notes, a full chord chart, and the ever-useful “Circle of Fifths” displayed around the sound hole. This gives our clients the opportunity and tools to grow their knowledge of music theory, such as learning the notes on the fretboard, scale patterns, chord structures, key signatures and more.

Size: Pineapple
Scale: Concert 15 7/32”($1,400).
Material: Solid cherry sides/neck, with koa top and back.
Inlay: Abalone side markers & three dot signature on headstock.
Tuners: Grover
Strings: Pepe Romero

Insurance included in shipping cost. Uke will be available for pick up/shipping in September.