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Handcrafted and Eco-Friendly Tiny Teaser Puzzles that Do Good

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Do Puzzles that Do Good: A portion of profits from these puzzles benefit environmental causes. 

Hand-crafted, eco-friendly artisanal teaser wooden jigsaw puzzle.

These heirloom-quality, eco-friendly, wooden jigsaw puzzles are handcrafted one at a time from start to finish in the foothills of Western Massachusetts. Behind the puzzles is a mission driven company that uses eco-friendly materials, collaborates with non-profits, and donates a portion of their profits to social and ecological causes. Both the puzzle and its packaging are eco-friendly. The plywood used for the puzzles is FSC-certified birch, containing only legal, regionally harvested wood, and is produced using an award-winning, soy-based, formaldehyde-free lamination process. 

Enrich your life with the challenge and charm of the beautiful imagery of these small, teaser puzzles. An enjoyable opportunity to slow down amidst a fast-paced world. Enjoy tranquil solitude or togetherness with family and friends as you discover the nuances of each new puzzle you choose for your collection!

4.5 inches square 
Approximately 50 pieces (1 figural piece) 
Made in America from FSC Certified Birch wood