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Orange Lacquered and Brown Natural Buffalo Horn Oval Link Necklace

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Natural brown buffalo horn oval links combined with three orange lacquered buffalo horn links and set with a buffalo horn clasp. 

This ethically sourced and produced buffalo horn necklace is super comfortable to wear and very lightweight despite its size.  Smooth polished oval links of natural brown buffalo horn have been set with three orange lacquered horn links and finished to the highest quality possible.  

This necklace is made completely from a natural material, therefore colourings and patterns will vary from piece to piece, making each necklace unique. 

Entirely handmade by small workshops in rural Vietnam using traditional methods and supporting local communities with income through manufacturing and trade.  The buffalo horn is 100% a bi-product of the farming industry in Vietnam. 



The total length of necklace 95cm, length of large link 6.5cm, the width of large link 3.3cm. Length of small link 4cm width of small link 2.7cm.